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In the pantheon of rock stars U2 are gods. I hear in them all that came before, and I hear echoes of them in others that have come after.

Although from time to time I’ll hear a song of theirs and think, “Huh? What were they thinking?”, for the most part I love almost every lyric, every note.

Then today I was browsing through my Twitter feed and found a link to this article courtesy of Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn if you want to follow her, and if  you are a writer, you’ll want to follow her).

The article takes a page from U2’s approach to writing and applies it to writing articles and blog posts.

Basically – write the best hook you can, then write an even better one. I can see how to apply that to blogs or short articles. I guess I’ll see if I can figure out how to apply it to longer fiction. (Maybe it could be applied to each scene or chapter.)

Since I began writing fiction seriously (by “seriously” I mean, writing stuff that I hope will be published someday), I pay more attention to stories I hear all around me. Countless times, while driving down the road singing along with Bono at the top of my lungs, I’ve thought, “God, how did he get that whole story into three or four minutes?” Or, “How did they manage to tell a whole story with so few (perfect) details?”

I’ve thought many times that I should try my hand at poetry or lyrics just to see if I could produce anything even close to what the guys in U2 produce. Unlikely, I know, but I think it every time I hear a song like Grace or Until the End of the World.

And now, off to do my daily writing and see if I can meet my goal and also write like a rock star.


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Kelly is a writer and editor. Her books include Open Your Heart with Quilting (out of print, but available directly from the author) and How to Build, Maintain, and use a Compost System (Atlantic Publishing).
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  1. Joanna Penn says:

    Hi Kelly, thanks for the mention and I’m glad you find the twitter links useful!
    Happy Quilting!

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