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I made my goal for January!

Those of you who have been following my blog for the past couple of weeks know that I have been trying to accomplish two goals:

  1. Complete the draft of my historical novel
  2. Make a meaningful contribution to a good cause

Happily, I can say that I have met my word-count goal for January!

I have written at least 4000 words in each of the past two weeks. (I started tracking around January 14.) If I can maintain that pace in the months between now and May I should have a manuscript of about 100,000 words ready to be edited, torn apart, re-written, and otherwise improved upon. (With the help of my amazing friends at the Tuesday Night Writer’s Practicum that is.)

I also have three sponsors now, (Hi Ami! Hi Gene! Hi Wilma!) but I would really love to have several more. The money you pledge will go to First Book, a charity that provides new books for children to help them learn to read. If I fail to make my monthly goal, then I have to make the donation instead of you, so either way, the charity wins.

By the way, First Book is given a top rating of four-stars by Charity Navigator, with  more than 92% of donations going directly to their programs and less than 8% going to overhead like administrative costs etc.

Will you pledge to sponsor me and help children learn to read?


About Kelly Smith

Kelly is a writer and editor. Her books include Open Your Heart with Quilting (out of print, but available directly from the author) and How to Build, Maintain, and use a Compost System (Atlantic Publishing).
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One Response to Encourage a writer, support literacy

  1. Ami says:

    So proud of you, and happy to be involved in your push to make your dreams reality!

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